Sport teams

As the European leader with more than 45 clubs and sports federations under multi-year contracts, we offer you a unique and optimal solution adapted to the constraints of high-level sport. Whether a private jet or a commercial aircraft, we can provide the right mode of air transport for your needs.


Our clients include major sports clubs. With very busy schedules, aircraft chartering is the ideal response to the requirements and constraints of high-level sport: to save time, optimise rest periods, bypass logistics constraints, for any and all sporting events, etc.


Our services include the transport of equipment as well as passengers. Because an athlete must remain focused on the game and the competition, GOODWILL ensures you have complete peace of mind by handling the logistics of your sports flight and anticipating any last-minute changes related to the aircraft rental: match postponed for TV broadcasting, due to weather, extra time, penalty kicks, player injury, drug testing, etc. Stay calm, GOODWILL takes care of everything.


Our charter teams, specialists in the field of sport, are at your side to charter all your sports trips and remain at your disposal twenty-four seven.

EMERGENCY flights 

GOODWILL PRIVATE AVIATION can arrange three types of emergency flights: wet leases, humanitarian and medical flights and CARGO flights. These three services allow us to intervene quickly and regardless of the location of the request.


With an Operations Unit available 24/7 to coordinate, GOODWILL can initiate emergency ACMI flights on behalf of airlines on strike or in AOG (technical issues, for example). By guaranteeing payments to the operator, GOODWILL ensures maximum responsiveness and a superior quality of service.


Our unit is also available to insurance companies, governments and NGOs to organise the transport of rescue teams (in the event of a health crisis) or the repatriation of people, with emergency flights tailored to each country. We are also able to arrange for the transport of a coffin.


GOODWILL is able to organise flights to move goods urgently, irrespective of their value. We take care of all the formalities through our network of service providers (customs procedures, collection and transport to the airport platforms, etc.).

Examples of recent special flight missions:

- Pilgrimages: Lourdes and Mecca

- Repatriation of people in the Haiti earthquake

- Medical evacuation of 15 passengers involved in a bus accident in Egypt

- ACMI leasing of an Airbus 320 for 2 months following an engine removal

- Emergency chartering of an aircraft to transport a coffin and the family of the deceased to Tel Aviv

- Antonov chartered to transport carpets from France to an African country

SALES and acquisitions

A good knowledge of the market is required to be able to buy an aircraft at the right price. With more than 20 years’ experience, GOODWILL PRIVATE AVIATION has acquired a high level of expertise in the aviation market and can effectively assistyou in finding and acquiring the aircraft you require. Whether you are looking to purchase a VIP airliner or a light aircraft, we can advise you or take care of all or part of the process: evaluation of the technical characteristics of the aircraft, market analysis and collection of offers, direct mailing campaign, telephone campaign, advertising on the broker network.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Aircraft Management

GOODWILL PRIVATE AVIATION is organised in such a way as to provide a comprehensive service, with local support based on a national infrastructure, an aircraft management service enabling economies of time and money, optimisation of safety standards, integrated revenue generation and long term stability.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.