If speed, comfort, security, privacy and flexibility are your priorities, the private jet is for you. 

Breakfast in Madrid, lunch in Milan to sign a contract, a meeting in Zurich and back to Paris for dinner with the family, all in under 12 hours? It can be done, with GOODWILL PRIVATE AVIATION.
Leverage your travel, create your own schedule and manage your time: time is yours.


Without the need for heavy investment in private jet shares or flight time programmes, GOODWILL PRIVATE AVIATION makes hiring a private jet or helicopter as easy as booking a taxi. You only pay for what you need, at the best possible market conditions
When travelling within Europe, chartering a private jet is often very cost-effective, contrary to popular belief.


GOODWILL PRIVATE AVIATION provides unique, flexible solutions, adapted to your needs in terms of schedule, destination, last-minute passengers, etc. Tailor-made solutions to and from any airport allowing you to attend multiple meetings in multiple countries in a single day.


With GOODWILL PRIVATE AVIATION, take off discreetly within 2 hours of your confirmation! Enjoy VIP treatment in private lounges, direct access to the private jet and simplified boarding procedures. The private jets are chosen for you according to your specifications.


We do not communicate prices on our site. 
A consultant will contact you shortly to set up a proposal tailored to your needs.


Do you need to make a quick connection when you touch down from a private or commercial flight ?

Feel like a day immersed in French countryside and culture in a remote spot, or a visit to the Champagne region with its wine cellars? Fancy a flight over the Grand Canyon or to a castle in Scotland? Want to escape to Saint-Tropez, Monaco or the Alps?

A private helicopter is the ideal solution, not only for reaching a destination but also for all sorts of excursions. With 4 to 8 passenger seats, you can connect your departure point to your arrival point in a direct way, with no time wasted.  

Able to land on a small surface, it takes you closer to your appointments.

We can provide you with a solution in record time, anywhere in the world, thanks to our extensive network.


When GOODWILL PRIVATE AVIATION charters a flight, the aircraft is sometimes empty for one of the journeys (the outward or return journey, depending on the departure base). In the industry, these journeys are known as "empty legs".

To optimise and save energy, we make these empty leg opportunities available so that you can travel by private jet at a discounted price, saving up to 50% of the normal price.

As we are in continuous contact with our partner airlines, we are informed in real time of all the empty leg offers on routes in the 4 corners of the world.
Contact our air experts 24/7 with your regular routes and they will respond when they have an empty leg that might interest you.

Goodwill Jet Card

Our most loyal customers become privileged members of our club, entitling them to a range of advantages.

The loyalty programme allows our regular customers to travel by private jet in the simplest way possible, with a multitude of benefits that meet the needs of both companies and individuals.

The advantages of your GOODWILL card:

- Guaranteed availability with 24 hours’ notice

- Fixed hourly rate

- Unlimited number of users

- 24/7 service

- 15% discount on selected round trips

- Fully flexible cancellation

- Upgrading or downgrading of aircraft with no extra charge