1.     How much does a private jet flight cost?

It all depends on your needs, our experts are here to help you find solutions tailored to your project and your budget. We are aircraft rental brokers which means that our only motivation is to satisfy you. We do not offer any subscription to access our services and our requests for quotes are completely free.

2.     How do I book my flight?

The first step is done, you are on our website!

You can fill in the request form with all the information, and we will contact you to establish a quote as soon as possible! Are you happy with it? We validate your choice with the company and send you our contract! Depending on the proximity of your trip, we will ask you to pay all or part of the flight price upon confirmation. Then our FlightCare department will contact you to finalise the details of your trip.

3.     Can I change or cancel my booking at the last minute?

Of course you can! You are contractually bound to us from the moment you make your booking, but if your plans change, we will negotiate the best conditions for you to change or cancel your flight.

4.     Are pets allowed on board your private jets?

Cats and dogs are welcome on board our aircraft!

Our experts will explain the formalities for our furry friends

5.     Can Goodwill Private Aviation arrange a transfer from the airport to the hotel?

We can arrange a taxi for you, which you will pay for directly, or chauffeur-driven vehicles through our partners around the world

6.     Is there any special assistance for single children travelling on board the aircraft?

The private jet is the ideal solution for children travelling alone! Our team will meet them at the airport and take them to the plane, and you will be kept informed at all times for a smooth journey.

Our experts will explain the formalities for unaccompanied minors.

7.     What are the means of payment for a private jet flight?

We accept payment by credit cards, American Express, bank transfers and bitcoins.

8.     Does Goodwill take into account the carbon impact of private jet flights?

We offer carbon offsetting for 100% of our flights, here is more information on our environmental projects: https://www.goodwill.fr/fr/groupe-goodwill/nos-engagements-rse

9.     Is wifi available on board private jets?

If the aircraft is equipped, WIFI is available on board our private jets.

This applies to heavy jets.

10. Is the weight of luggage limited on board your private jets?

We do not apply a baggage allowance like regular airlines, however, depending on the aircraft and the number of passengers, moving is not always possible! If you have a great desire to shop or a particular request, our experts will direct you to suitable aircraft.

11. Are Goodwill aircraft suitable for people with reduced mobility or disabilities?

Yes, and our airport assistants are on hand to make it easier for you to board our aircraft; let us know what your requirements are and we'll accommodate you

12. What equipment is available?

We invite you to visit our dedicated pages presenting all the aircraft we can offer you! Helicopters, small jets, luxury jets, Boeing or even cargo planes, we offer you a very large choice of aircraft for all your needs!


13. Is food on board private jets included in the price?

It depends on the aircraft, the schedule and the flight time as we don't like to waste food! As soon as the flight is confirmed, our FlightCare team will contact you to let you know what is included and provide you with suitable quotes for what is not.

We can even serve Michelin-starred meals on board our aircraft!

14. Do I have to get to the airport early like a normal flight?

We optimise every moment

For your private jet trips, you can arrive at the airport 20 minutes before take-off time

15. What are the advantages of travelling by private jet and not by commercial flight?

You can leave from the airport closest to your home, you choose the time that suits you best to take off and arrive at the airport closest to your destination. Once at the airport, you will be greeted in a private lounge where you will be given dedicated assistance to look after you and your luggage.

16.  Is the safety level of a private jet flight as high as that of a normal aircraft?

No. Private jets are subject to the same regulations as regular airlines, and our experts audit every airline we offer.

17.  How many people are on board a private jet?

This depends on the aircraft chosen!

For a small private jet, there will be at least two pilots, for larger jets there may be one or two hostesses.

For aircraft with more than 19 seats, a hostess is provided on each flight

18.  Can I take bulky luggage on a private jet?

Of course you can! Just let us know the size and weight of your luggage and we will find you a suitable aircraft! We regularly carry works of art, industrial parts, or musical instruments on board our passenger and cargo flights

19.  Does Goodwill Private Aviation take care of the pre-flight check-in on a private aircraft?

Yes, if you use our services for an aircraft with more than 19 seats, a "classic" check-in will have to be set up. We take care of everything with dedicated counters. We send all the information to the different airports and your guests will only need to show their ID to get their boarding pass. Our assistants will be there to help them and accompany them to your plane.

20. What happens if a private jet has a technical problem?

Fortunately, this rarely happens, and our monitoring allows us to anticipate these inconveniences most of the time. In the event that the aircraft breaks down at the very last minute, our team is at your side H24! We analyse the situation with the company and the crew so that you can take off as soon as possible! We will keep you informed of the situation in complete transparency.

21. What are the maximum seats in a private jet?

We invite you to consult the aircraft we offer: https://www.goodwill.fr/fr/notre-flotte we have a very wide range of jets from 4 seats to much more!

22. What is the longest trip I can make in a private jet?

The longest possible flight would be about 14 hours non-stop! For your shorter trips, we always analyse your request in order to offer you aircraft adapted to your trip so that you do not have to make a technical stopover, when possible.

23.  Can I customise an aircraft for a special event?

Of course, we are lucky enough to accompany our clients on a daily basis in their most ambitious projects and major events! We can put stickers on the fuselage, embroider cushions, create tailor-made cocktails... let your imagination run wild and we will study the costs together.

24.  Can I choose my own schedule, or are they imposed on me?

You can choose your schedule. However, some airports may ask you to adjust your timings according to the traffic.

25.  Is VAT included in the final price?

VAT is applicable on domestic flights and is always indicated separately but appears on our invoices.

26.  Can I travel to more than one destination in the same day?

Yes, we can use the same plane to follow you on your busy days! An appointment in London, Brussels and dinner in Roma? We have solutions for you!

27. Which airports do you choose to take off from with a private jet?

We choose the airports closest to you! There are obviously some aspects to consider (runway / customs / facilities...) Tell us everything and our experts will advise you on the best solution!

28.  What are the advantages of a private flight?

It's the guarantee of a trip in complete tranquillity! Your private jet is booked for you from the airport you have chosen, at the time you have chosen. Are you running late? We will warn everyone for you! A problem? Our dedicated team is there to listen to you and find a solution!

29.  What are Goodwill's specialities?

The Goodwill Private Aviation adventure began in November 2000 with our President Samuel Bucciacchio. We were organising flights for football clubs, and then, satisfied with our work, the players also called on us for their private travel.

More than 20 years later, our activity has completely diversified, beyond sport, we work daily for company directors, musicians, governments, industrialists, travel agencies, event agencies... on the private jet, commercial aircraft and freight transport part.

We are committed to keeping our roots with the clubs that have placed their trust in us since our inception, and are proud to have been able to create beautiful relationships of mutual trust.

30.  What documents do I need when I travel by private jet or helicopter?

We will need a valid ID, and depending on your trip, you may be asked to provide certain documents (visas / health documents...). Consult our experts and they will help you if you have any questions.

31. Can Goodwill Private Aviation book our hotels in addition to our private jets?

Our travel agency Goodtravel knows the best addresses and can book for you the best hotels, villas and yachts if you wish!